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It had to happen I have at last turned my Pi into a brick

Last night I ran out of disk space on the SD Card as i was installing some more utilities, and as I have a 4Gb card with a 2Gb image on it I thought it would be a good idea to make the disk partition bigger - Big mistake(well smallish one really) .

So I deleted the swap partition, and expanded the primary partition to take over the remaining card space, this worked fine. Then I decided to add the swap partition back but managed to overwrite the main partition - result a bricked Raspberry Pi. I wouldnt boot or do anything, the red light was on but no one was home.

So I followed my own instructions to burn the image back onto the card - everything is back and working again and luckily it doesnt take long to cook a new Pi.

I guess most of you out there will do this at some time especially modifying partitions, so I will write a set of simple instructions to explain how to expand the disk partitions to fill up the SD Card, and also how to backup a working Raspberry Pi, as it will then be easier to restore a running machine.

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