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How2SetUp access a Raspberry Pi Computer from a PC using putty

One of a set of simple easy to use guides for beginners to set up a Raspberry Pi computer.

Now to connect to the Raspberry Pi from a windows PC you will need to install putty which is a secure ssh client for windows.

Once installed run putty.exe and fill in the Hostname with the IP of your Raspberry Pi so in my case port must be 22 and fill in Saved Sessions with RaspberryPi then click save - the RaspberryPi will appear in the lower list as shown below.

To connect to the Raspberry Pi just click on the saved RaspberryPi entry and then click [Load] then [Open] you should now see a console window(see image below) open with a prompt of shown - ok now just login as user pi with a password of raspberry.

If you do not get this screen appearing then probably your pi's IP address is wrong or something else is incorrectly setup in putty.

If you do not get a connection its best first to check that the pi has the correct ipaddress, so just check the pi hdmi console where the I.P address is recorded just above the login prompt.

Excuse the picture quality, but look at the end of the arrow.
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